Love me, like never before...

My happiness. To cherish, To love.
Jane Liu
I smile, I laugh, I cry.

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There it goes, our never ending Love.
Love & Care,
Promises & Faithfulness,
till forever and ever..

Beloved, the best of everything.
They are my best gifts from God.

I know you want me. You know I want cha.

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Hello peeps! I'm back to blog after 987654321 days. :D
I totally lost interest and inspirations to blog. So just bear with me. Heehs.
And I decided to do a short recent photo blog.

As usual, My Dearest Boyfriend and I.
This is also my current phone wallpaper. (♥)!

My Sweet 19th Birthday Cake bought by Joanne.
This cake is so dame cute and sweet right?!
It's nice also! If you're wondering where to get this,
it's actually from Icing Room! Chio cake. Heheeee.

From what I've mentioned from my twitter,
this are the blue roses which Bro used to propose to Joanne.
My Brother really dame sweet! Hope my Boyf could be like my Bro too! Hahaha...

Quick peek on my wedding shoot.
Heheee.. It's a very nice experience but at the same time, very tiring as well!
I haven't collect my wedding shoot photo yet.  
Will upload some of it when I collected them. (:
By the way, big thanks to my dear Shirley who intro me this! ♥

Okay, so this is now my current room.
Yesssss, I'm happy like a princess girl becos' I got Big comfy bed now!
Lol.. Now, I always spend most of my time in my room playing games,
resting, watching drama, and even eat in my room also! Haha.

Okay that's all for my post today. (:

Thursday, April 28, 2011
Beautiful rainbow roses, touch to the heart ♥.

I haven't been actively update my blog. Simply becos', life is of sucha boredom.

Yup school started. Back to schooling life, new year new semester.
And back to the start again. I just can't wait for the next holiday to arrive.
New modules are killing me, especially Microeconomics.
However now at start, I have the motivation to work harder! (:
But I don't really perform well in class..

Guess what! 4 more days to my birthday.
Why don't I feel excited or looking forward to at all.
Birthday is not a big thing to me anymore as I grow.
I believe that not many people do remember my birthday too.
So, not much expectation~

All I hope is to at least at least at least got a mini cake.
And at least at least at least my Family still remember 02 May.
Presents? My Dad, Mum and Brother will fork out $ to get me a Iphone 4 once my contract ends.
So right now I'm waiting for May to end and June to arrive so that I can get my Iphone!

By the way, Mum told me that Iphone4 white series was released today.
So I guess I'll be getting the white one instead of black.
Read a news yesterday about Iphone5 saying that it will be out on September.
But I don't have the patience to wait already! (:

Friday, April 8, 2011
Yesterday was my love date with Sweetheart, May Neo! :D

Despite our long lost meet up, our friendship remains attach together.
Tons of things to share, crap together, gossip about people and updating each other's life.

Time flies, she's also one of my great old friend!
6 years of friendship and counting~

How great is this lovely girl of mine!

BFF! ♥

Now that when I'm free, my mind is always thinking of gift ideas for this girl birthday.
Sexy lingeries yo. Hahaha! :D

Well, for today...
North Point to get pay > Bugis > Aunt's shop > Go shopping with Mum > Home sweet home!

I'm happygirl92 now.
Cos' I just gotten myself a pretty pretty Fossil watch!
I love those blinks blinks around the edge. :D

Chio hor? ^^


The next major thing which I'm going to own will be IPhone! Weeeeet~

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
The pair of Hello Kitty which I got from China. (:

Just feel like blogging out of random. (:

Outside is raining heavily right now.
If you guys were outside, you'll hate this weather which makes it inconvenient for you.
But if you were at home just like me, this weather will be great for us! :D

Boyfriend was here with me just now. Love him much much much!
He always come to accompany me despite the long journey he took to and fro.
Thanks baby! Love you much.

Wanted to take pictures with Boyfriend just now.
But today is my bad hair day! ):

Monday, April 4, 2011
How sweet can life be...

Last week was such a hectic and tiring week. All becos' of work~
Well, thru the atrium, I've improved, learnt and gained a lot.

Standing all the way for more than 10 hours each day.
I didn't know I could get thru it. Imagine how tiring am I..
At least my energy paid me off with $$$ rolling in slowly to my pocket. (:

However, I have been neglecting my Family and Boyfriend.
For my Family,
I seriously have not been sitting down having meals with them for quite some time already.
For Boyfriend,
we have not meet up for 1 whole week while I was working. ):

I don't know if my Mum should still continue to treat me like a baby girl.
I'm going 19 years old. But she still continue to wait for me at the bus stop when I goes home late.
I admit sometimes I'll still do feel scared to walk home alone.
But also, I can see how exhausted she was. Sad much you know..

I hope life could be a bit more better for me.
What's most important for me is Family, Boyfriend, Close friends and $$$.

I wanna get an IPhone.
I wanna get a pretty laptop skin and sleeve.
I wanna get a French Connection / DKNY / Fossil watch.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whenever I took the escalator down to Woodlands Interchange,
this particular uncle will always be standing there selling tissue papers.

I really feel so pity for him. Judging from his look,
I guess he is about the same age as my grandfather.
But comparing my grandfather and him,
my grandfather is now already enjoying his golden years with my grandma.
But for this uncle, he's still selling tissue paper to lead his life.

I used to give him $2, $5 or even $10 when I have extra money occasionally.
But I feel that my help is just so limited.
I can help him 1 day. But how about the rest of his days?

So I hope you guys can help him too.
Just simply offering help by helping to buy his tissue.

Be kind to everyone! (:

//P.s, it's the uncle who always stand beside the fruitstall.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
 Well, RP student's result was released yesterday.
What I can say about my result is that, "I can do better!".
What a good motivation for myself. Lol...

My UT3 grades were horrible. (1 B, 3 C+, 1 D+.)!!!
But luckily, the moderation for my overall module grades have pulled me up.
And I managed to maintain my GPA, which is 3.2. Contented. (:
But when my another classmate, Feb, told me that she got 3.8 GPA,
I felt that I'm so lousy luh. ): But the fact is that she's just way too smart!
Anyway I'm happy for her too! Smart girl! :D

Anyway, I accompanied Boyfriend to Woodlands Polyclinic this morning.
Who says that polyclinic healthcare is cheap! Not cheap at all yo!
Health checked + Waiting time + etc etc = $46!
Ya lah though it's exp, but at least after the check, Baby has nothing wrong in him.
Overall, money spent still worth it.
Cos my Boyfriend worth more than $46 lah! Hahahahaha!

Now all I need is $$$! I need lots and lots and lots of cash!
Need $ for Family treats. Need $ for shopping.
Need $ for formal wears. Need $ for new watch. Need $ for new phone.
Need $ for EVERYTHING!

So for now, what I can do is to work!
Whenever there's chance for me to work, I'l work. Especially during school holiday.
Cos' during school period, I don't normally work. (:

I shall stop here. Wow, what a long post today. Haha. ;D

This is my Year 1 Sem 2 grades. Yay! ^^

And this is my Year 1 Sem 1 grades. (: